We have been providing kayak rental services since 2007, so we have accumulated huge experience and can offer you the best and most beautiful kayaking routes in Dzūkija National Park!

We are renting only high-quality 2-seater polyethylene kayaks with oars and life jackets. Extra seats are available for children.

We are servicing kayaking on the rivers Ūla, Merkis, Grūda, and Varėnė.

We provide river maps, take you to the beginning of the kayaking route and take you back after your kayaking, you can leave your cars safely in our homestead.

Please find information about kayaking at


Our homestead is equipped with typical country sauna with brooms – a real refreshment for your body and soul! The sauna has a spacious room and terrace, shower and toilet, as well as a tub for pouring cold water after escaping from the hot sauna, as well as a small swimming pool.

Small swimming pool

After escaping from the hot country sauna, an outdoor small pool has been set up to freshen up.

Outdoor terrace with fireplace

Our homestead has a large outdoor terrace with a fireplace. The outdoor terrace is large and spacious, making it very popular for our guests. Here you can have a cozy evening, bake shashliks, prepare various dishes.

Food services

We deliver food to the homestead according to a menu agreed with you in advance. The food options are wide, from traditional dishes to dishes from Dzūkija’s culinary heritage.

Guide service

Guests of the homestead will be able to get acquainted with the old villages of Dzūkija, Čepkeliai reserve, Merkinė pyramid, Merkinė / Puvočiai observation towers, Merkinė town, and ethnographic museum.

Those who want to touch closer to nature will definitely find an activity – nature tours.

Čepkeliai-Dzūkija National Park, which consists of Čepkeliai State Nature Reserve and Dzūkija National Park, is one of the thirteen European PAN parks and the largest protected area in Lithuania.


Next to the homestead wonderful forests, we offer to relax and take a walk on our proposed routes:

  • Mardasavas – Puvočiai – Mardasavas. 10 km
  • Mardasavas – Trakiškiai – Žiūrai – Ūlos “eye” – Mardasavas. 14 km
  • Mardasavas – Trakiškiai – Žiūrai – Lavysas. 16 km
  • Mardasavas – Merkinė. 22 km


You can ride bicycles around the beautiful surroundings of Dzūkija National Park and the ancient Dzūkija villages.

Basketball, volleyball

Active recreation enthusiasts can have a great time choosing their favorite game, basketball, volleyball courts at your service!


The Merkis and Ūla rivers flow next to our homestead, the Nemunas river also flows nearby, and there are many lakes around it, which are best suited for fishing.

Mushroom picking

Dzukijos homestead surrounded by forests of Dzukija National Park full of mushrooms, perfectly suitable for mushroom picking – we’ll provide You the information on the most “mushroomy” places and tell You about growing mushrooms.